Turning Impossible to “I’m Possible”

Self discipline is consistently doing something (you may not always feel like) to get the results you really want. 
What is the result that you really want? Make a mental picture of this in your head. Then begin to act like you've already achieved it. Feel it in your bones. This is how you create a vision.  A vision is so much more powerful than a goal. Goals, like rules are often broken. A vision is something that you feel and enables you to feel contentment in the moment.

You see, we've got it all backwards. We think that if we just do this one thing, or lose weight, or meet our goals, then we will be happy. Feel contentment first, and then you will unlock the ability to manifest your goals.

When you are happy and relaxed, your body can heal and repair itself. Do this first, then know and discover your own ability to heal from within. 

Think of a time you felt something was impossible. Like riding a bike. Remember what you did to prove otherwise. Maybe you started with training wheels. Next, you had someone hold the back of the seat and run alongside you, giving encouragement while you gained speed. Then suddenly, you realized you were riding the bike all on your own, Woo Hoo!  Remember and feel the exhilaration!

Create the vision and then get the right kind of support to turn what appears as Impossible to "I'm Possible".

An accountability buddy or a coach can help you develop the self-discipline muscle. This is why I am offering a Kick-Start to Wellness Program to provide you with a supportive framework. Join us next Thursday for a free webinar to learn more.

Carpe Diem,


About Lisa
Lisa is an author, inspirational speaker and a functional medicine coach with a mission to inspire others to feel and look their best at any age.
Lisa's book Savvy Secrets: Eat, Think and Thrive outlines her seven-step process towards optimal health that is fun and transformational.

Lisa is part of the New Self Health Movement and the Wellness Inspired Network. When she is not coaching, speaking or writing, you can find her practicing yoga and joyfully sharing Carpe Diem Dance. 
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