New Normal

This phrase, this concept of accepting "a new normal" is interesting to me. I first heard it after a tragedy. My neighbor's son was paralyzed. I also heard it from patients and families undergoing cancer treatment. I've heard my children refer to it during and after our own tragedies.

Something about this just didn't sit right with me. The angry defiant me wanted to cry, "NO! Don't accept this as your new normal!" This idea of "the new normal" felt disempowering to me. This acceptance felt like giving up.

This morning I heard the phrase in a new light. An inspiring light. I heard it referred to as a way to uplift us into the life we want to lead.

After all, life isn't what happens to us, it's how we respond to it that matters.

How do we take our challenges and turn lemons into lemonade? (This is something I've had ample practice in, and am actually kinda good at.)

We hold on to hope and optimism. We refuse to accept the temporary pain as "forever". We fight for our lives...truly, courageously.   We choose to create a new normal based on where we want to go.

This is the precious gift I learned while working with cancer patients. This is why I am so very inspired by stories of Radical Remissions. Those who have spontaneous remissions from even the worse diagnosis, do so because they refuse to accept the new normal. They choose to do things radically different from what they've done in the past.

They engage in simple solutions. Not that this is always easy to do. You have to bypass social norms. We are hardwired to want to stay in our comfort zones. Fear feeds this paralysis. They refuse to be limited by labels and the status quo. They become the difficult patient; they question everything.

You have to decide to take personal responsibility for your thoughts and your actions. Recognize that we are here today because of past conscious or unconscious actions. We live into our present bodies. Each one of us are unique and different.

If you are in a health crisis, then instead of beating yourself up over "What's wrong with me?" Ask a radically different question.

"What is my loving body trying to tell me? What can I do, that is radically different, to change this course?" This is no time to bargain. You're either in, or you are out for your "New Normal."

The new normal has got to include new ways of feeding yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally. This requires commitment and support. We are social beings and food is emotional.

What if our comfort foods, so tied to our childhood and positive feelings, could be making us ill? How do we change these habits that made us feel so good?

We find a new normal.  But this new normal is NOT about dieting or deprivation. This new normal must be decadent and nourishing. The new normal is not fear based. The new normal seeks food, thoughts and actions that will lift you up. That will give you energy to rise higher. That will allow you to live a radically different, awesome, incredibly, energized life.

Someone dear to me recently said, "I'd like to start living my life as if I only had 100 days to live. Being conscious of every decision I make. Asking myself, does this food make me feel good or is it creating dis-ease in my body?"

I couldn't have said it any better. I'd like to challenge you. For the next 3 days, to write down everything you eat. Document how you feel one to two hours after eating. Do you feel better or worse? Is the food energizing and nourishing or does it pull your energy down? If you cannot last 3-4 hours between meals then you are not eating enough healthy fat and protein for your unique needs. Are you feeding dysbiosis or bad bugs in your gut? Or, are you feeding the new you that you want to become?

Take an honest personal assessment, with love and compassion. This is the first simple step to creating your new normal. This is my wish for you.

If you would like a coach or guidance, let me know. I'm seeking clients who are 100% committed to finding this new normal and willing to make the investment in themselves to do so.  This is how I remain inspired to reach my new normal.

Carpe Diem.

With Love & Gratitude,

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