For the Mother Within

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there doing their best. 

Happy Mother's Day to the women without children 
who bring so much love and value to the women and men in their lives.

Happy Mother's Day to the Mother and Motherly Love 
that is hidden inside all of us.

Tomorrow, we are offering a fun seven day yoga challenge on Instagram with a couple of amazing women; one being my daughter Stephanie Jackson.  We would like to invite you to join us.  

I'd like to put out the intention that these seven days are a chance to practice mothering ourselves with self loving thoughts and feelings. 

I'd like to caution you that a couple of these postures are more advanced. Although, it feels good for the ego to do advanced poses like a headstand. It is not always good for the body. Especially, if you haven't had any training to work up to this.  So if standing on your head is not in your practice, I'd like to offer you modifications. Please email me on the headstand day and I'll give you an option to help you prepare for the day that you can do a headstand.  If a 57 year old can effortlessly do a headstand, then you can also work up to this. If you are interested in private or small group yoga classes, let me know as I will be offering more this summer. 

Tomorrow, I will be contributing to Love Your Baby Day at Beloved Yoga Studio in Great Falls, VA  in the afternoon Be Empowered session on infertility.

Also exciting news is my interview will be coming up later this week on the Get Real Masterclass and with comes a handout on cancer and chronic dis-ease prevention. The weekend is a great time to catch up if you haven't had time to listen to this week's interviews. I especially liked the one on MINDful weight release and the microbiome. 

My goal is inspire, educate and empower you to feel and look your best at any age. Today and every day.

Carpe Diem,


About Lisa Jackson, RN, CHC, RYT-500, FDN

Lisa is an author, inspirational speaker and a coach with a mission to inspire others to feel and look their best at any age.

She is the former Executive Director of the Integrative Wellness Program for the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

Lisa's book, Savvy Secrets: Eat, Think and Thrive outlines her seven-step process towards optimal health that is fun and transformational.

Lisa is part of the New Self Health Movement and the Wellness Inspired Network. When she is not coaching, speaking or writing, you can find her practicing yoga and joyfully sharing Carpe Diem Dance.
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