I’m so excited to announce my first online summit!

The daily grind. Being a woman can be challenging. Not only because of the daily demands on our time and energy, but also because of the unique health issues we encounter.

Many women…maybe even you… or a loved one, are looking beyond conventional medicine to optimize health, prevent illness, and treat both acute and chronic conditions holistically. 

Sound familiar? 

If it does, you are in the right place. 

My colleagues and I, in the Wellness Inspired Network, have put together a complimentary educational series, The Women’s Health Summit, where a panel of experts have come together to share advice on prevention, treatment, and integrative wellness.

Just a few of the topics to be covered:

· Hormones through a Woman’s Life Stages

· Menopausal Transitions

· Benefits of Thermography

· Cancer Prevention

· Cardiovascular Health

· Fibromyalgia

· Bone Health

This educational series begins October 18th, and lasts for 7 days.

If you want to feel better, make healthier choices, and safeguard your health, then this educational series is for you!

Here’s the link to reserve your spot!   When you do, you have the chance to ask any question. Do it now so we can be sure your unique questions are answered please!

Carpe Diem,


PS Real practitioners, real solutions, presented with you in mind. 

About Lisa

Lisa is an author, inspirational speaker and a functional medicine coach with a mission to inspire others to feel and look their best at any age.

Lisa’s book 

Savvy Secrets: Eat, Think and Thrive outlines her seven-step system towards optimal health that is fun and transformational.

Lisa is part of the New Self Health Movement and the Wellness Inspired Network. When she is not coaching, speaking or writing, you can find her practicing yoga and joyfully sharing Carpe Diem Dance. 

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