The New Wellness Model

To best understand we need to look at the old medical model that I was originally trained in and compare it to the NEW Wellness Model that we are creating.

Old Medical Model

The goal of the old medical model is about the absence of “dis-ease”, treating signs and symptoms and often not the cause. The assumption is that you are broken and need to be fixed.  Drugs, surgery and radiation are primary tools and strategies. Pharmaceutical marketing has convinced us that for every “ill there is a pill”. Notice in commercials how every human condition now has a label? We are labeled and our label often leads to our own disability.

This model uses outside instruments to “tell us how we are doing” such as blood pressure, and cholesterol readings, which are often disputed and mistakenly read (as is the case in thyroid and cholesterol). Treatment is irradiation and or surgery, again not addressing the root cause.  This model is based on the need to “trust the expert” and not ourselves. This model created the “War on Cancer” and the term “Survivor”. This model is disempowering, costly and ineffective proven by the fact that we spend more money on healthcare than the next 15 developed countries budgets combined and are ranked one of the lowest in terms of health according to World Health Organization statistics. This model is good for emergency medicine, but not for chronic illness.


The New Wellness Model

The Wellness model uses compassion, courage and curiosity instead of fear.  Instead of asking “what’s wrong with me” assume that this is a loving message to either stop doing something that is hurting you or to slow down. The wellness model teaches you how to get out of your own way and stop self-sabotage.

This model is empowering! It is based on the knowledge that the body has the innate ability to repair itself through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. The body naturally wants to provide homeostasis or balance and will respond to whatever nutrition or abuse you feed yourself with. The signs and symptoms of “dis-ease” stem from the bodies attempt to communicate with you.

Your task is to learn to listen to what the message is in a loving, non-judgmental way. 

This model focuses on where you want to go, visualizing who you want to become is energizing and empowering and very Productive!

We encompass strategies like education, journaling, breath work, yoga, meditation, and more.  This model teaches you to question everything and to take personal responsibility and ensures accountability. This model teaches you how to trust your own body and your innate intuition. This model is motivating empowering and inspiring!

Coaches are the missing link in the healthcare puzzle and the platform for the New Wellness Model. Coaching keeps you on track even when you feel like quitting. To achieve long-term behavioral change, requires getting in touch with the self-limiting behaviors and automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) that plague us all.  A good qualified coach can help you overcome these obstacles to achieve success. 

The Savvy Secrets Seven-Step system was created with you in mind. It stems from my experience as a Registered Nurse and my additional training in functional medicine, integrative nutrition, yoga and meditation. You will conquer carbohydrate cravings! We replace overwhelm with empowerment through a focused platform and program that is safe, confidential and leads to personal accountability and empowerment.

This model encompasses functional diagnostic testing, nutritional, and lifestyle strategies to help rebuild health so that you can attain optimal wellness at any age. Together, we will look at HIDDEN stressors within your Hormone, Immune, Digestion, Detoxification, Energy Production and Nervous systems. We will use functional laboratory tests to identify subclinical malfunctions or hidden stressors that may be sabotaging your success. We will then co-create a custom plan with the D.R.E.S.S. for Success Program looking at Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplementation required for your unique body.


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