Wellness Inspired Workshops:

“You [Lisa] did a phenomenal job. The class was professional, informative, intimate, inclusive, personal and fun. Your passion and sincerity is a brilliant and guiding light!!!!”

– Rosalie Grazzini

“My change since Friday is a renewed energy to create meals with healthy natural foods. My 16 year old just said he wanted to eat healthier after I cooked a few really tasty veg based meals in the last few days. He also loves the dehydrated fruit for snacks. But even if he didn’t, I would be hooked!”

– L.N.

Carpe Diem Dance:

“I love Yoga Dance! It is an all over, super fun way to strengthen and energize my body and soul. Lisa’s teaching style is fun and informal; she creates space for us to express ourselves and enjoy the flow.”

– Rebecca Elsen

“I told one of my friends, One of the many benefits is that I eat much better after attending yoga dance. I’m more mindful. Tom called the addition of probiotics in our diet “a miracle.”

– Peggy Hillman

Individual Coaching:

“There is a real shift in my being and your are a big part of that. You brought up the conversation of self care and I am very grateful to you for being my partner in this.”

– Susan Katz Clark

As a health coach, Lisa has helped me to develop a healthier relationship with myself—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She met me where I was in my journey and is working with me at a pace that is comfortable for me but still challenging. I am learning to trust my gut and to listen to the messages my body is giving me rather than blindly accepting mainstream diagnosis and pharmaceutical remedies.
Jennifer Hickman

“I feel blessed to have found you [Lisa]. Your patience, insights, respect for me and where I am on my journey makes you the perfect partner on this path. Thank you. Thanks for leading the way!’

– L.N

“Thank God for the Living Social Ad. Lisa was Heaven Sent. I am so happy to have found her and to be working with her.”

– KT

“I’ve learned what it feels like to just nourish my body rather than eat based on taste and texture. I am down to the lowest weight that I have ever been in my adult life!”

– J.H.

7 Day Cleanse & 21 Kickstart to Wellness Program:

“The Cleanse has been so great, it’s given me the energy to move past procrastination. The discipline, focus and mindfulness of this experience has spilled over into other parts of my life. I am feeling a renewed focus for moving forward in my new business.”

– Janet Booth, RN, BSN, NC-BC

image1 (2)Your cleanse is different and I learned a lot about myself and that I have more power to resist things I know aren’t good for me. I’ve learned new recipes to add to the rotation and eaten things I didn’t think I liked! Whenever I feel hungry, I ask myself 2 questions before I eat (and I tell this to clients): am I really hungry? and if I am, how is this food going to benefit me nutritionally? I’ll be much better about that having gone through this cleanse.
Lori Allred, Personal Trainer and Run Coach

It is UNBELIEVEABLE, I’ve lost over 5 inches! I am a convert. Lisa is the Real Deal, With her Nursing Background, Her Life Experience and Education and the fact that she lives and exemplifies what she teaches.

Ellen McKissick

“This program is well worth the investment! The protocols of self care were wonderful healthy habits to incorporate into my daily routine and were really something I looked forward to (especially the lavender detox bath , body brushing, and nightly gratitude journal). The meals were AMAZING. I enjoyed the variety of food we were provided and the flexibility of the recipes. I have to say this program is hands-down the very best I have ever been on. I felt satisfied and nourished eating the suggested meals and had ZERO cravings which is a miracle in itself! It’s a whole new way of living so there will be growing pains. I’ve experienced a few of them, as with all things new, there will periods where finding balance and finding ways to make things easier on yourself to make the program work for you may have to take place. Baby steps, forgiveness, and moving forward is key.”



Nicole Paradise Melton

This is the first time in 19 years of living in DC that I have not experienced Spring allergies! L. N.

Lisa’s yummy recipes which are quick and easy have helped me to discover that whole foods are the best medicine for me. Her twenty-one-day cleanse, particularly, the initial seven-day juice cleanse, reset my body and mind connection with food. ~Jennifer Hickman

Cultivating Joy:

I love the group on Cultivating Joy; it has opened my eyes to the importance of my own self worth and the need for self-care. The experiment of replacing fear with gratitude has brought me so much happiness and abundance that I have attracted more work, positive people and success.So much that I doubled my income in 2 weeks! Everything has shifted in a really good way. I discovered how valuable I am (and I see myself) is how valuable other people treat me. “

Denise Sagastume

Public Speaking:

Hi Lisa,

On behalf of our Work Life Committee I would like to say thank you. You did an amazing job and you’re a gifted speaker. I know time was short but you really delivered.


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