Approach: Eat, Think & Thrive

1. You become what you EAT

Are you overwhelmed and confused by all of the Mass Marketing Myths about what is healthy or not?   

Together, we will co-create a personal plan for successful execution of your personal wellness goals.

Carpe Diem Wellness Solutions:


  1. Personal food sensitivities, environmental chemicals and toxins, and obesogens that could be zapping your energy.
  2. Learn how to cleanse and detoxify the body and then how to heal and repair the body.
  3. Create healthy food choices and habits for optimal health and wellbeing.


2. You become what you THINK

Do you sometimes get off track and need a little support to meet your personal goals?

Did you know that your subconscious controls your behavior?

Have you experienced yo yo dieting and do you want to find long term optimal health and weight solutions? 


Every day we have choices

Carpe Diem Wellness Program Solutions & Objectives:

  1. Learn tools and strategies for self-discovery to connect with the subconscious thoughts that control and sabotage behavior and prevent long term positive change.
  2. Nourish yourself in a safe and confidential space for self reflection, discovery and problem solving
  3. Explore how thoughts and fears can keep you locked into “fight or flight” and affect your whole wellbeing.
  4. Practice proven evidence based strategies to quiet the mind and the central nervous system and reduce the negative effects of stress.

3. You become how you ACT

Your ACTIONS Determines your Destiny! Discover how to THRIVE! Recognize that The tortoise wins the race

Problem: Many health and wellness goals can appear to be overwhelming. How many times have you made a resolution or started on a diet and lost some weight only to regain more weight back later?  How do you make long-term sustainable lifestyle and diet changes? Do you know what you need to do, but need a loving and supportive guide to lead you across the river that divides you from where you are to where you want to go? 

Best Intention

The Carpe Diem Wellness Solution:

Coaching offers the opportunity to break down overwhelming challenges and goals into small incremental changes over a period of time to create lifelong healthy habits without diets and without deprivation.  You are hard-wired for pleasure, so the process must be fun, simple and empowering or you will not stick with it! You cannot achieve long term results with a “no pain, no gain” mentality. Give yourself the gift of self care so that you can give to others.


 Recognize your body’s innate ability to heal and rediscover the power to heal from within.


What and how you feed your mind, body and spirit is key to greater well being. Having a coach to guide you and keep you focused is key to learning personal accountability and empowerment and ultimately to obtaining more ease, joy and peace in your life.

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