Love Your Body Day & PEMF Demo Events

Consider spending a day learning how to love your body next Sunday at Reston Town Center in Reston, Virginia. I will be sharing a booth with Documenting Hope,  bringing treats and a raffle for my book, and giving a sample Carpe Diem Dance class at 3pm in the Bhakti Tent. There will be yoga classes in the pavilion from different studios all over the area, children’s tents, multiple wellness vendor tents, and something for everyone. 

Jessica Claire Haney of is a new member of the Wellness Inspired Network. She wrote a blog post that provides a great overview of Love Your Body. She’s got links in the post to her recaps of the past three years of Love Your Body. Share the post on social media and tag Carpe Diem Wellness & Wellness Inspired Network if you like! 


Next Saturday, there will be a demo on Swiss Bionic Solutions PEMF Seminar (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) 3-5pm Sheraton Suites 801 N. Saint Asaph Street Old Town Alexandria.  

Presented by the President of Swiss Bionic Solutions, USA:

Dr. Greg Musser

Hosted by Janice Johnson, Polarity Therapy Practitioner and LifeStyle Consultant of Swiss Bionic Solutions

Learn how this resonating magnetic field application can assist you with: 

    pain management

    increased circulation

    improved blood viscosity 

    increased vitality by increasing ATP production

    relaxed muscles

    stimulates healthier cell production

    reduces anxiety and depression for increased well being

    assists to regenerate bone health

    improve your sleep

Enter the raffle to win…..The Omnium 1 for a free 60 day trial in your home or office!

For more information contact Janice Johnson @ 302-265-8140 or email her at

Next week I’ll be back with a regular blogpost on Important clues in your blood work that your doctor often misses. 

Carpe Diem,


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